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PADI Programs & Entry level certification. 

PADI Advanced and Speciality Courses. 

PADI Professional Courses.


PADI Entry Level Courses

There is a PADI Diving course to suit everyone in Koh Lanta, from experience days to the full PADI Open Water course - begin your diving adventure with Anti Gravity Divers today. 

PADI Discover Scuba Diving

1.5 Days

THB 5,000 per person

Pool Only: THB 1,200


- No Experience Required.

- Maximum Depth 12m.

- Minimum Age: 10yrs.

- Experience only, no certification. 



PADI Scuba Diver License

2 Days

from THB 10,800 per person

E-learning: THB 8,900 per person

- No Experience Required. 

- Maximum Depth 12m.

- Minimum Age: 10yrs

- PADI Scuba Diving certification to 12m.


PADI Open Water License

3-4 Days

from THB 14,500 per person

E-learning: THB 12,500 per person

- No Experience Required. 

- Maximum Depth 18m.

- Minimum Age: 10yrs (12m depth limit)

- PADI Open Water certification to 18m (12m 10-12 year olds)


PADI Continuing Education Courses

Enhance and improve your diving skills with one of the many available PADI courses.  Take the next step to become an advanced diver or become a specialist in your chosen field.  

PADI Advanced Open Water

2 / 3 Days 

from THB 13,800 per person

E-learning: from THB 11,800 per person 

- Entry level Certification required. 

- Maximum Depth 30m

- Minimum Age: 10yrs.

- PADI Advanced Open Water certification to 30m.


PADI Specialty Courses

from 1 Day

from THB 4,800 per person

 E-learning available for some courses.

- Entry level certification required. 

- Choose your area to become a specialist. 

- 1 or 2 Day courses. 

- PADI Speciality certification. 


PADI Rescue Diver

3-4 Days

from THB 14,800 per person

E-learning: THB 12,800 per person

- PADI Advanced diver or equivalent required. 

-  Current relevant first aid or Emergency First response course (within the last 2 years) required. 


PADI E-Learning

Don't want to waste some of your holiday in a classroom? Prefer to study before you arrive? PADI offer E-learning options for you to complete all the theory sections of your dive course in advance - saving you time on your holiday for the fun stuff.

For E-learning you will need to register and purchase your selected product through the PADI website - click on the image above to register to with PADI for e-learning with Anti Gravity Divers Koh Lanta.

Once you have completed all e-learning sections, simply bring this with when you start your course with us.  Your Instructor will verify your theory section & you're good to go straight to your confined water sessions.


Need to finish a course?

Maybe you've either started a course elsewhere & couldn't finish or have you completed part of the course already with another dive center?
Just send us a copy of your refferal form & we can help you finish your course.